Kellie has 10 years experience as a senior cabin crew member.  She has been trained to the highest standard as knowing what to do at 37,000ft is critical as there is no back up. Kellie is mum to a cheeky Finley.

Hand in Hand First aid offer classes for parents, family and friends held in Bristol, Bath, Taunton, and throughout Somerset.


Rebecca is a registered paramedic and has worked for the ambulance service for the past 15 years. She will bring her wealth of experience to the classes. Rebecca is mum to the rather lively, school boy Tom.

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What we offer

We all know that looking after the children in our lives is of the utmost importance. However, not many of us would know what to do in an emergency situation. Our fun, informal first aid classes will give you the skills and confidence to do just that. Our classes are relaxed and friendly and can be held, at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends or family. Alternatively, join a group at one of our local venues. We know childcare can be tricky so you are more than welcome to bring non mobile babies along with you.

Our 2 hour course starts from just £20 per person and will cover everything listed under the course content.

Classes for children coming soon

Sunday 19th March 2017 10.30am - 12.30pm

Saturday 1st April 2017 10.00am - 12.00pm

Our courses are designed to build your confidence as a parent or carer in dealing with emergency situations.

First aid training does not have to be expensive but the results could be priceless.


Life Saving First Aid Classes



•     CPR for babies and children: CPR stands for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.  We will explain and demonstrate how to perform CPR on both infants and children. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to practise in a relaxed environment but we understand that not everyone may want to.

•     Choking: We’ll explain and demonstrate what to do if a child chokes on something and, again, there will be plenty of opportunity to practise for those that would like to.

•     Burns: We’ll talk through different types of burns and explain how to best treat them to minimise risk of long term damage.

•     Wounds and bleeding control: we’ll make sure that you feel comfortable treating wounds, controlling blood loss, recognising signs of shock and knowing when further medical assistance is required.

•     Febrile convulsions: although common these can be extremely alarming to witness. We’ll explain what you need to know and what you can do if your child has a seizure.

•     Bumps and Breaks: learn what to look out for if a child hits their head, what you can do to help and when you need to call for help. We’ll also discuss how to deal with broken limbs

•     Meningitis: this potentially life threatening condition is difficult to diagnose in the early stages we’ll discuss what symptoms you should look out for.

Course Content

Our fun, informal yet highly informative first aid classes cover the following conditions and scenarios:

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